Nothing Ever Happens

Nunca pasa nada or Nothing Ever Happens is a 1963 Spanish-French drama film directed by Juan Antonio Bardem. Starring a mixed cast of French and Spanish actors it was shot both in Spanish and French. It was a commercial flop at the time of its release.


A French variety company travels across Spain, coming back to France. Their bus stops when damaged in a small village in Castile, called Medina del Zarzal. The vedette star (showgirl) Jacqueline (Corinne Marchand) is sick and has to remain in the hospital where she is operated upon. The doctor (Antonio Casas) falls in love with her. She represents the freedom, the foreign, the forbidden. Her presence in the village is a revolution for all the people: students, priests, rich men. The doctor's wife, Julia (Julia Gutiérrez Caba), has to fight with the love proposition made by the local French language teacher (Jean-Pierre Cassel), the only person in town who can speak to the foreigner.

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    contentLocation Spain
    director Juan Antonio Bardem
    genre drama
    keywords bus stop castile small village vedette
    musicBy Georges Delerue
    producer Cesáreo González
    publisher Suevia Films