Sightless is a 2020 American psychological thriller film written and directed by Cooper Karl, based on his 2017 short film of the same name. The film stars Madelaine Petsch and Alexander Koch.


Former violinist Ellen Ashland is attacked and pepper sprayed late at night by a person in a gas mask and wig. She awakes in a hospital bed and is informed by her doctor that as a result of the spray, she is now blind. She recounts the attack to Detective Bryce who suggests that her connection to her ex-husband, who has a lot of enemies, is to blame for her attack. The hospital staff get in contact with her Brother in Japan who arranges for her care under a well recommended nurse, Clayton. She is discharged from the hospital and begins living in a high-rise apartment and is cared for daily by Clayton. Under Clayton's guidance, she starts to get adjusted to life without sight. She starts to point out oddities in her apartment, such as a window that she cannot hear outside noise from and repeating car alarms at 11:00am. Clayton reassures her that it is all normal and even brings home a pet bird for her which she initially perceives to be green, but is actually light blue. One night, she hears a woman's distressed voice. She initially perceives the woman to be in her apartment, but realizes that the noise is coming through the vent. The following day, she decides to invite her neighbor for tea and leaves a sticky note on her neighbor's door. The neighbor shows up and reveals herself to be Lana. Ellen grows more suspicious of Lana and her husband and accuses Lana of lying to her when Lana claims she is 48. When Ellen touches Lana's face she feels a wound with stiches and is alarmed. Lana reacts by warning her to trust no one and rushes out of Ellen's apartment upon the arrival of her abusive husband in the elevator. Ellen, worried, contacts Detective Bryce, who sends Officer Neiman to check in on her neighbor. Bryce reports back that Lana has a history of illness, she doesn't have stiches, and her real age is 48.