Loafer is a 2011 Oriya film written & directed by Ashok Pati. Babushan, Archita Sahu, and Buddhaditya Mohanty play the lead roles. Sunil Panda produced the film while Goodly Ratha scored the film soundtrack and background score. The film is a remake of the Telugu film Happy starring Allu Arjun & Genelia.


Sanju (Babushan) is an orphan who works as a pizza delivery boy. Niharika (Archita) is the daughter of a caste-based politician and studies MBBS. Sanju and Niharika meet each other in a strange situation and are forced to get married in an unforeseen situation. The rest of the story is all about how this couple who never had any intention of love find soul mates in each other.

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    director Ashok Pati
    editor Sukumar Mani
    keywords delivery boy force married mbbs pizza delivery boy
    musicBy Goodly Rath
    producer Sunil Panda