Koeputkiaikuinen ja Simon enkelit

Koeputkiaikuinen ja Simon enkelit (The Test-tube Adult and Simo's Angels) is a 1979 Finnish comedy film directed, written and starring Spede Pasanen, along with the typical comic-cast of Simo Salminen, Vesa-Matti Loiri, Tapio Hämäläinen and Olavi Ahonen.


Mathematician Mauno Mutikainen (Pasanen) is accidentally pronounced dead as a result of an operation where a splinter is being removed from his finger, which he got by scratching his head. He is then cloned into a "test-tube adult", a play on the phrase test-tube child, named Richard Ilyevitch Jyrä by his creator, father and mother, Dr. Jyrä (Hämäläinen), his name is intended to appeal to both American and Soviet sensibilities.