Zalzalaa is a 2000 Maldivian horror classic film written and directed by Ahmed Nimal. Produced by Aslam Rasheed under Slam Studio, the film stars Ibrahim Visan, Niuma Mohamed and Ali Shameel in pivotal roles.


Ahmed Zameel (Ibrahim Visan) working at an office in Male' visits an island to handover his friend, Moosa's assets and cashes to his family after his shocking death. There he meets a happy-go-girl Shiuna Ibrahim (Niuma Mohamed) and a relationship grows between them. Zameel reveals that he has previously married to an indolent and irresponsible lady, Nashfa (Neena Saleem) and they are blessed with a son before he divorces her. Shiuna promises to love his son as her own and they marry. Things are going smoothly and happily until Ibrahim (Ali Shameel) arrives home and possess divergent attitude and behavior which is initially thought to be a mental disease, later revealed to be that he has been possessed by a spirit.


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    director Ahmed Nimal
    editor Ahmed Nimal
    genre horror
    keywords married neena saleem possess shock
    musicBy Ahmed Amir Imad Ismail
    producer Aslam Rasheed
    productionCompany Slam Studio