Milkshake is a 2019 American Drama Short Film directed and written by Brittany Snow. The film stars Anna Camp (Donna) and (Natalie) showing a story of a mother and daughter with a strained relationship in Burbank, CA. The film was released on June 20th, 2019 and went on to screen at the Palm Springs ShortFest, the Nantucket Film Festival, the HollyShorts Film Festival, and the Naples International Film Festival, among others.


The short film focuses on the relationship between Natalie, a rising young actress (Shree Crooks) and Donna, her pressuring mother, played by Brittany Snow's former co-star and close friend Anna Camp. While Natalie struggles to have a real relationship with her mother, Donna plays victim to Natalie's inability to book a gig and continually ignores Natalie at every interaction. As time passes, Natalie finally lands the gig and seemingly her mothers acceptance, along with a celebratory milkshake. Even after the acting job, Donna continues to ignore Natalie, who somehow still feels lonely and empty. Natalie has to learn just how to get her mom to hear her, if she ever will.

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    director Brittany Snow
    editor Josie Azzam
    genre drama urban
    keywords how to young actress
    producer Constanza Castro & Domenica Castro
    theme short