Ratnakumar or Rathnakumar is a 1949 Indian Tamil-language film starring P. U. Chinnappa and P. Bhanumathi in the lead roles. M. G. Ramachandran had done a supporting role. The film was released on 15 December 1949.


Rathnakumar the chief protagonist, even in poverty he woos and wins the hand of Bhanumati. A skeleton at the bidding of the hero, hurls a giant rock on the ground, and diamonds, rubies and emeralds pop out. Getting into evil company, he gets addicted to vices that make him ill-treat his wife and then desert her without any qualms. He proceeds to fall for a beautiful princess and impresses her under false pretences. He gets his comeuppance towards the end, his dubious past revealed and is imprisoned. Thereupon his conscience awakes, he is filled with remorse at the thought of his patient wife. Rathnakumar is an ordinary man of shifting loyalties, greed, lust, deceit and ultimately, penitence.

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    director Krishnan-Panju
    editor Krishnan–Panju
    keywords addict beautiful princess end
    musicBy G. Ramanathan
    productionCompany Newton Studios Ltd.
    publisher Murugan Talkies
    theme epic