Iska is a 2019 Filipino independent social drama film directed by Theodore Boborol, and starring veteran theater actress Ruby Ruiz and newcomer Pryle Gura. The movie is based on the life experiences of Boborol's house cleaner. It is about a loving but impoverished grandmother of a child on the autism spectrum, who tragicomically loses everything and becomes the person society reckons her to be. She lives in a shanty within the premises of a state university where she works as a photocopy operator Mondays through Saturdays, and as a laundry and cleaning lady the rest of the week. Iska reflects dismal mental health state and how poor people who have it get marginalized. It also represents those who mother children beyond their duty and capacity, armed with nothing but love. Iska won Best Acress, Best Screenplay, and Best Sound at the 15th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival held in the Philippines last August 2019.