William's Wish Wellingtons

William's Wish Wellingtons is an animated BBC children's television series produced by Hibbert Ralph Entertainment (who had previously created Spider!), which was originally aired on BBC One from 25October to 30December 1994, then moved to BBC Two from 24December 1995 to 31May 1996, and moved back to BBC One from 25September to 13December 1996. It was narrated by actor Andrew Sachs. It was later translated into Gaelic by Búrach Productions with a different narrator and shown as lang on BBC Two Scotland. It was shown in the United States as part of Cartoon Network's Big Bag (but, when Big Bag was remade by Yorkshire Television in the United Kingdom, it was replaced with Koki given that it was on ITV).

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    genre adventure fantasy
    publisher BBC Enterprises BBC One BBC Two
    theme cartoon