Vendor Daniel State Licency

Vendor Daniel State Licency is a 1994 Malayalam film directed by Balu Kiriyath, starring Thilakan, Jagadish, Jagathy Sreekumar and Vinduja Menon.


Vendor Daniel is a selfish and greedy person. Mohanan Pillai is the assistant to Daniel. Joy, the son of Daniel doesn't approve of the deeds of Daniel. Daniel's wife, Annamma is very religious and she also disagrees with Daniel's doings. Karavalapadu is an old feudal lord who lost his property because of the land reform brought by the government. Joy used to meet Seetha, sister of Adv. Balagopalan to relieve his mind. Daniel also has corrupted officers as mentors. Daniel fixed Joy's marriage with a rich girl, of which Joy doesn't approve. Daniel used a dirty trick to get the property of the feudal lord, making his son Joy as the son of Karavalpadu. One day while Joy talks with Seetha, Mohanan Pillai happened to see this and tell his boss. Daniel is very upset because of this and tries to separate Joy and Seetha, but Joy took this as revenge and married Seetha. Daniel disapproves of the marriage, but Adv. Balagopalan, brother of Seetha, welcomes the couple to his home. This provokes Daniel and he plans to kill Seetha with help of corrupted officers. On Christmas night, with the help of corrupted police officers, he releases a criminal to kill Seetha. To try to save Seetha from the criminal, Joy accidentally gets stabbed and dies. This news makes Daniel very sad. The lawyers of Balagopalan try to involve the superintendent of police in the murder case.