End of the Century

End of the Century is an Argentine romantic drama film, directed by Lucio Castro and released in 2019. The film stars Juan Barberini as Ocho, a man from Argentina on vacation in Barcelona, who hooks up for a casual sexual encounter with Javi, played by Ramon Pujol. The men soon realize that they have met before, 20 years earlier in 1999, when they were both in the closet about their sexuality and too afraid to pursue a relationship with each other. The film also stars Mía Maestro as Sonia, Javi's girlfriend at the time of the original meeting.

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    contentLocation Barcelona
    director Lucio Castro
    editor Lucio Castro
    genre drama
    musicBy Robert Lombardo
    producer Joanne Lee
    productionCompany Alsina 427 JWProductions
    recordedAt Barcelona
    theme lgbt-related romantic drama