A calzón quita'o

A calzón quita'o (English title: The Naked Truth) is a Venezuelan telenovela written by Carlos Pérez and produced by RCTV in 2001. The telenovela was distributed internationally by RCTV International.


Pedro Elias and Clara are two souls who are meant for each other. Pedro is a brilliant lawyer that works for the common people while Clara is a passionate and courageous journalist. However, both of them are suffocated by their marriages. Pedro is married to Aida, a selfish and superficial woman who always blames him for working without pay and Clara to Paulino, a corrupt government official. When Clara is sent to do a story on a lawyer who defends the poor and the free, the two will come together to find happiness fulfilling one of their greatest desires: to promote a future of justice and hope in a region plagued by corruption. They star in this unique story told honestly, openly and reservations, simply ... the whole naked truth.


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    contentLocation Caracas
    keywords government official married meant for each other
    publisher RCTV RCTV International