Teenage Hitchhikers

Teenage Hitchhikers is a 1975 American coming-of-age comedy-crime film written by Rod Whipple and directed by Gerri Sedley. The film revolves around Mouse (Kathie Christopher) and Bird (Sandra Peabody), two runaway girls who embark on a cross country journey to the west in an attempt to start a new life. Filmed over the course of two weeks and featuring elements of an exploitation film, Teenage Hitchhikers was released into drive-in theaters on June 1, 1975. The film has been met with generally positive reviews, with much of the acclaim going towards the comedic timing of Christopher and Peabody.


Mouse and Bird are struggling to find assistance in traveling west in an attempt to start a new life. After several failed attempts at hitchhiking, a rock band traveling with a pair of groupies in a recreational vehicle pulls over and allows the girls inside. After the band performs a song, they state that they will not provide them with transportation unless the duo agree to have sexual intercourse with them. They immediately decline as they refuse to be objectified. Thus, Mouse and Bird are kicked out of the vehicle.