The Werewolf of Woodstock

The Werewolf of Woodstock is a 1975 television film directed by John Moffitt and starring Michael Parks, Harold J. Stone, Meredith MacRae, and Belinda Balaski and Danny Michael Mann It was filmed on videotape and produced for ABC's The Wide World of Mystery by Dick Clark's production company with make-up effects by Joe Blasco.


On a night soon after Woodstock has ended, a hippie-hating local farmer named Bert (Tige Andrews) heads out in a drunken rage to the rubbish strewn festival site and gets his chromosomes scrambled when he receives a massive jolt of electricity trying to smash one of the still standing stages that, unfortunately for him, is still attached to the power lines. Family physician Dr. Marlow (Richard Webb) bandages his burns and says he will recover if he gets plenty of bed rest, but during the very next electrical storm he transforms into a shaggy, snarling werewolf with massive