Shankar Jai Kishan 3 in 1

Shankar Jai Kishan 3 in 1 is a television show that aired on SAB TV. This show replaced Trideviyaan. The show stars Kettan Singh in three roles, Falaq Naaz, Kirtida Mistry and Chitrashi Rawat as the female leads.


A person named Kishan (Kettan Singh) hides the fact of his two brothers' death to his mother, Savitri (Asawari Joshi), due to concerned about her health. As his two brothers look just like him, he disguises himself as his other two brothers and plays the roles of Kishan, as well as his two brothers, Jai and Shankar. His life takes a twist turn when his mother decides to marry her three sons. Kishan, now is helpless and taking the help of his friend, Babbar (Hemant Pandey) to cancel the wedding somehow. But the plan backfired because mostly of Pinchu, the brother of Dimple, Simple and Twinkle, and Shankar, Jai, Kishan who are actually three in one, had to marry Dr. Twinkle (Falaq Naaz), Dimple (Kirtida Mistry) and Simple (Chitrashi Rawat) respectively, who are actually sisters. Their father, Shammi Kapoor (Nimai Bali), who is also a friend to Kishan's father, who also looks like Kishan, bought a flat just in neighbourhood to Kishan's, which also created a quite tension for Kishan. Problems arise when Bhokal Baba (Daya Shankar Pandey) is proved wrong about the trio being one. He tries to reveal the fact, and thus Kishan has to face Bhokal Baba as well. There is also one neighbor of Kishan, Gupta Ji (Umesh Bajpai), who sits in his balcony all day long.