Bright Lights

Bright Lights

Bright Lights is a 1925 American silent romantic comedy film directed by Robert Z. Leonard. The film is based on the story "A Little Bit of Broadway" by Richard Connell, and stars Charles Ray, who achieved stardom by playing ingenious country boys.


As described in a review in a film magazine, Pauline (Starke) is a chorus girl who is cynical toward all men. Visiting her home town she meets Tom (Ray) and kids him along, but soon finds he is different and falls in love with him. He sees her with a city chap and misunderstanding, tries to make himself the kind of man he thinks she likes. The result is that he overdoes it and so disappoints her that she turns him down. Her friend puts him wise, he becomes his real whole-souled honest self once more and wins her.

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    director Robert Z. Leonard
    editor William LeVanway
    genre comedy
    keywords chorus girl misunderstand
    publisher Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    theme romantic comedy