Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a 2019 Nigerian crime action comedy film written by Jadesola Osiberu and Bunmi Ajakaiye, and directed by Kayode Kasum. The film stars Adesua Etomi, Bisola Aiyeola and Bimbo Ademoye in the lead roles. The film had its theatrical release on 25 December 2019 coinciding Christmas and opened to mixed reviews from critics. Despite the mixed reviews, the film became a box office success and became the fourth highest grossing Nigerian film of all time.


Sugar sisters accidentally discover $800,000 in the house of a corrupt man, Chief Douglas. In next couple of days, they start to spend some of the money only to meet their Waterloo when mafias come to claim the stake of the money. However, the news got to the EFCC where they issued a search warrant to the Sugar sisters, but weren't able to find any money. Unknowingly for them Andy, Sola's boyfriend had already stolen the money. Unfortunately as they were trying to get the money back from him, he lost his life in the process and the money was stolen by someone else. Gina, the head of the mafias sent her men to abduct the Sugar sisters and coerce them to stealing more money from "The White Lion", Anikulapo, a notorious man known for having most of Nigeria's asset. Who was also Gina's husband. So the Sugar sister's team up with some EFCC officials and successfully stole the money. Gina met them at the hideout and asked for her money, where she met the head of EFCC, who apparently admitted that she killed Chief Douglas because the money was meant to be hers. But Anikulapo caught up with them and demanded for his money. Things got heated up and there was a shoot out. Gina lost her life in the process. Luckily the sugar sisters and EFCC officials were able to escape with the money. Unfortunately Anikulapo caught up with them, took the money and demanded they be executed in a fire. But thankfully they were able to escape with the help of Bola and Sola sugar. It then ended in a scene where Anikulapo found out the money was incomplete and fake. Luckily the Sugar sisters and their mother left their house and traveled out of the country.