Karmaphal Daata Shani

Karmaphal Daata Shani ( Shani, the divine judge of deeds) is an Indian mythological television series, which aired from 7 November 2016 to 9 March 2018 on Colors TV. The series was produced by Swastik Productions of Siddharth Kumar Tewary.


The story of the series is based on the life of God Shani, who is known for his wrath. The serial also shows Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as Shani's mentors.It also shows Shani's tough childhood, getting the title of karmaphaldaata as of his Complexion he was less Attached to his father Lord Surya , his Mother Chaaya was Created by Surya's First and Former Wife Sadhaya by her Reflection due to Take care for children Yama and Yami but get Jealous when Chaaya Became the second wife of Surya and Gives birth to his Children as her Sins shani became Dandnayak and Punishes her as Surya Left her and Also focus on God and Godess . After that downfall, his return to Suryalok, marriage, getting his wife's curse and finally his return as Karmphaldaata.