They Can't Hang Me

They Can't Hang Me

They Can't Hang Me is a 1955 British drama film directed by Val Guest and starring Terence Morgan, Yolande Donlan and Anthony Oliver. It was based on a novel by Leonard Mosley.


A senior civil servant, Pitt (Morell) has been convicted of a murder and sentenced to death. Days before his execution, Pitt reveals that he has been passing on top secret information to an agent of a foreign power and offers to reveal the identity of his handler in exchange for a reprieve. With only five days before Pitt's execution, debonair Special Branch Inspector Ralph Brown (Morgan) takes on the task of identifying the spy before he flees the country.


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    director Val Guest
    editor Douglas Myers
    genre drama
    keywords civil servant id pass top secret
    musicBy Stanley Black
    producer Roger Proudlock
    productionCompany Vandyke Productions
    publisher Independent Film Distributors
    theme spy