Kkoi Dil Mein Hai

Kkoi Dil Mein Hai

Kkoi Dil Mein Hai is an Indian television romantic comedy series that aired on Sony Entertainment Television. The series premiered in December 2003 and ended its run in 2005. The show starred Eijaz Khan and Poorva Gokhale in lead roles. The opening theme song was sung as a duet by famous singers Shreya Ghoshal and Sunidhi Chauhan. The show garnered some controversy for featuring a scene of marital rape.


Kajal (Poorva Gokhale) is a simple and bubbly girl from a Gujarati family and best friend of rich and narcissistic Krutika. Their friendship hits rock bottom when they both fall for rich and handsome Samay (Sandeep Baswana), the heir of Punj business empire. Samay reciprocates Kajal's feelings and they plan to get married. A jealous and deranged Krutika orchestrates a kidnapping and blackmail plot with help of her rich mother and gets Kajal forcefully married to Samay's younger playboy brother Arjun (Eijaz Khan) and herself marries Samay by duping him. Arjun gradually starts falling deeply in love with Kajal and gives up his wild lifestyle. Kajal reluctant at first also falls in love with Arjun. Things get complicated as Samay, still in love with Kajal turns to alcohol to drown his sorrow and hates Krutika refusing to recognize her as his wife. A still deranged Krutika blaming Kajal for her miseries tries to complicate her life. Arjun and Kajal meanwhile have a successful marriage and Kajal gets pregnant and gives birth to their son.