The Prisoner of Corbal

The Prisoner of Corbal

The Prisoner of Corbal is a 1936 British historical drama film directed by Karl Grune and starring Nils Asther, Hugh Sinclair and Hazel Terry. It is also known by the alternative title The Marriage of Corbal. It is set against the backdrop of the French Revolution.


The aristocrat Cleonie is the object of affection for both the Marquis of Corbal and Citizen-Deputy of the revolution, Varennes. The latter saves Cleonie from the guillotine by disguising her as his nephew and smuggling her out of France.

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    director Karl Grune
    editor Walter Stokvis
    genre drama historical
    keywords smuggle
    musicBy Allan Gray
    producer Max Schach
    productionCompany Capitol Film Corporation
    publisher General Film Distributors