Slayer is a 2006 vampire themed television film written and directed by Kevin VanHook and starring Casper Van Dien and Kevin Grevioux. The film's plot involves an elite commando squad dealing with a deadly and bloodthirsty vampire clan living in the South American rain forest. It was produced for the Sci Fi Channel.


There's something strange going on in the rain forest down in South America. There have always been legends about vampires living in the jungle and feeding off animals, but now they are suddenly attacking humans and quite viciously, too. Not only are they hunting together in packs "like roving dogs," but they don't seem to be bothered by sunlight, and knives and bullets don't kill them. Of course, the military doesn't buy that they are vampires, just "tribal anomalies who BELIEVE that drinking human blood will give them power," but Colonel Jessica Weaver (Lynda Carter) is sending Captain Tom "Hawk" Hawkins (Casper Van Dien), Sergeant Alex Juarez (Alexis Cruz), and the rest of his platoon back down there to finish the job they started some six months ago when they first encountered these tribal anomalies. She's already sent Hawk's second-in-command and best friend Grieves (Kevin Grevioux), a huge, hulking man, on ahead so that he can get a feeling for what is happening. The mission is made all the more imperative since Jessica has just found out that Laurie Williams (Jennifer O'Dell), a University entomologist, Jessica's goddaughter, and Hawk's ex-wife, is on a field expedition down there. Hawk and his men are to leave immediately for Agua Cliente, a small town along a river in a no-fly zone, where they are to rendez-vous with Grieves and look for Laurie.