Los ángeles de Estela

Los ángeles de Estela

Los ángeles de Estela (lit: Estela's Angels) is a Chilean comedy-drama television series that originally aired on TVN and TV Chile from September 22, 2009, to March 19, 2010, starring, María Elena Swett, Jorge Zabaleta, Coca Guazzini, Francisco Pérez-Banenn and Cristián Arriagada.


Everything spins around Estela Cox (Coca Guazzini), a successful entrepreneur, but at the same time a very cold tempered woman, willing to do anything to achieve her goals. On the other side, Margarita (María Elena Swett), daughter of the servant and the husband of the powerful Estela, a man that by the way has died in strange circumstances.


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    contentLocation 2009
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords coca guazzini hide how to maría elena swett think