Caillou's Holiday Movie

Caillou's Holiday Movie

Caillou's Holiday Movie is a 2003 Canadian animated Christmas film. It stars Annie Bovaird as Caillou, Pat Fry as Daddy, Jason Szwimmer as Elf, and Terry Simpson as Mailman.


It's a very special holiday for Caillou when he learns about Christmas traditions around the world and the importance of giving and sharing. When Caillou wonders just how many days there are left until Christmas, his Daddy gives him a Christmas calendar featuring holiday traditions from countries around the world in every window. Caillou also goes tobogganing, learns how to ski and plays Hanukkah games with his friend Leo. Caillou also gives away some of his toys when he learns about children around the world that are in need of toys such as his old ones he no longer plays with. Caillou's little sister Rosie also gets in on the Christmas fun. When Mom offers to help Rosie with making gifts, Rosie decides to try it on her own. The film features several songs performed by the cast of the film including Where Christmas is Not The Same and Eight Days to Go and Everyday performed by French-Canadian artist Marilou.