Mango Soufflé

Mango Soufflé

Mango Soufflé is a 2002 Indian film written and directed by Mahesh Dattani. The film stars Atul Kulnani and Rinkie Khanna. It was promoted as "first gay male film from India" and was adapted from Dattani's own successful English play On a Muggy Night in Mumbai.


This movie begins when a gay fashion designer Kamlesh (Ankur Vikal) recovering from his recently ended relationship calls some of his friends over for dinner to make a special announcement about his personal life. But then Kamlesh's sister (Rinke Khanna) enters the party with her fiancé (Atul Kulkarni), a man with a secret.


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    director Mahesh Dattani
    keywords fashion designer
    musicBy Amit Heri
    producer Sanjeev Shah
    theme lgbt-related