Scotch on the Rocks

Scotch on the Rocks is a TV serial based on the novel by Douglas Hurd and Andrew Osmond. The book is the third in a loose trilogy, the other two being Send Him Victorious and The Smile on the Face of the Tiger.


In the 1970s a general election is approaching and the British authorities fear that the Scottish National Party and an underground movement, the Scottish Liberation Army (SLA), will increase their influence. Pro-establishment MI5 agent Graham Hart, and Detective Superintendent Rennie of the Glasgow CID infiltrate a demolition expert named MacNair into the SLA. Hart is trying to prove that John Mackie, an SNP Member of Parliament with socialist leanings, is involved with the SLA, while Rennie wishes to arrest Brodie, a vicious criminal who is organising Glasgow youth gangs for the SLA. They also hope that MacNair can identify the SLA leader, a shadowy figure named An Ceannard.