Hayfever is a 2010 romantic comedy film written and directed by Laura Luchetti and starring Andrea Bosca, Diane Fleri and Giulia Michelini.


Rome. The young Camilla is the victim of a small scooter accident. When she is loaded into the ambulance she catches sight of Matteo, who hands her the shoe that she had lost in the accident, and reads the name "Twinkled" on his bag. Once healed, Camilla goes to Twinkled, a modern antiques shop, where she is promptly hired to reorganize the spaces by the thirty-six-year-old owner Stefano, full of debt and therefore in open marital crisis. So she makes friends with her peer Franki, who dreams of Jude Law's love and writes poignant letters to him, and with Matteo, who however does not recognize her. The boy is still in love with his former flame, Giovanna, who had left him, it will be discovered later, for a German girl, Gertrud, with whom he went to live in Berlin.