The New Bremen Town Musicians

The New Bremen Town Musicians

The New Bremen Town Musicians is a 2000 Russian animated film. Sequel to the films The Bremen Town Musicians and On the Trail of the Bremen Town Musicians.


The plot does not reveal how much time has passed from previous cartoons. A son was born to Troubadour and the Princess who has already grown up, the King became poor, and the Chieftain, along with the bandits, has reformed and retrained into a banker who owns the bank "Byaki-Buki" and lives in a comfortable manner. And although the Chieftain got rich, she still wants more – her ultimate desire is power. The Detective collects "compromising evidence" on the King and shows photos to the Chieftain depicting a lonely impoverished crying ruler. She comes to the palace of the King (whom everyone has forgotten) and invites him to marry her, assuring that she will provide him with money. But the King has not yet lost pride and refuses. Then the Chieftain returns to the bank where she has a plan to kidnap the junior Troubadour. For this she calls the Genius Detective, and he goes in search of the young Troubadour.