Eagle of the Night

Eagle of the Night

Eagle of the Night is a 1928 American drama film serial directed by James F. Fulton. Dismissed when released and completely forgotten in the modern era, the 10-chapter aviation serial starred real-life aviator Frank Clarke, a stunt pilot in such fare as Wings (1927), Hell's Angel (1930), and The Flying Deuces (1939).


Unscrupulous smugglers are attempting to steal the "Magic Muffler," a device that can make an aircraft practically silent. Flying at night would make the smugglers and their forays across the border, impossible to detect.


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    director James F. Fulton
    events aviation
    genre drama
    keywords across the border curtiss jenny curtiss jn-4 end fly frank clarke josef swickard move
    productionCompany Pathé
    publisher Pathé