Team Batista no Eikō

is a Japanese mystery film and television show adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Takeru Kaidō. The story revolves around a hospital with a team of doctors known for their success with a type of heart surgery. After a series of failed operations that result in the patient's death, an internal investigation is initiated, led by a doctor named Taguchi and a brash government official. In the original novel the main character Taguchi, was a male doctor in his forties. However, for the film adaptation TBS suggested replacing the character with a young female resulting in Yūko Takeuchi being cast as in the role. For the TV show, Taguchi is a man, with Atsushi Itō playing the role.


A top notch seven-member team of doctors and nurses known as “Team Batista” are Tojo University Hospital’s pride and joy. The medical team performs a prominent heart surgery known as the Batista Operation which has a normal 60% success rate, but the team has consecutively pulled off twenty six successful surgeries. However, the streak is broken after a string of three procedures end in their patients' deaths. Consequently, an internal investigation is launched with hospital therapist Kohei Taguchi in charge of uncovering the truth behind the incidents. When Taguchi is unable to find any definitive information, the deaths are labeled as unexplainable accidents. The evaluation is subsequently dismissed by Keisuke Shiratori, an investigator with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, who re-launches the investigation on the basis that the deaths were actually murders.

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    director Yoshihiro Nakamura
    genre drama mystery
    keywords batista operation batista procedure string
    musicBy Naoki Sato
    publisher Fuji TV
    theme japanese