Sasanam (English : Throne) is a 2006 Tamil drama film directed by Mahendran. The film set in the Chettinadu backdrop features Arvind Swamy, Gautami and Ranjitha in leading roles, while Balabharathi composes the music and Nambiyathiri handles cinematography. The film began production in the mid-1990s but was only released in 2006 due to production trouble, with all three of the lead actors retired at the time of release.


Muthiah (Arvind Swamy) and his wife Visalakshi (Gouthami) are a loving couple, and they come across Saroji (Ranjitha) who with no one to go for, takes refuge in Muthiah's house. Muthiah and Saroji develop soft corner towards each other. The rest is what transpires between the trio, exploring the nuances of an extra-marital affair.

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    director J. Mahendran
    editor B. Lenin V. T. Vijayan
    genre drama
    keywords explore gouthami love
    musicBy Balabarathi
    producer National Film Development Corporation of India
    productionCompany NFDC