Let There Be Love

Let There Be Love is a British sitcom which aired for two seasons from 1982 to 1983. It was created by the sitcom writing team of Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke, and it starred Paul Eddington (who was also starring in the BBC's Yes Minister at exactly the same time this sitcom went out), Nanette Newman and Henry McGee (who, likewise, also played straight man to Benny Hill at the same time).


Middle-aged and middle-class Timothy Love (played by Eddington) is a confirmed bachelor who is nonetheless happy with his marital status and his life; since he has a good job, plenty of money, the availability of girlfriends whenever he wants them, and cherished freedom. Until a mother-of-three, Judy (played by Newman) enters his life. Timothy will find Judy different to all the other women he has courted in the past; in contrast with all the others, Judy is the type of woman with which he feels he can 'settle down'. They become engaged, and Timothy's realising of the effort he has to do to change his life and do away with his old individualism will prove the main theme of the show.