A Brighter Summer Day

A Brighter Summer Day is a 1991 Taiwanese epic teen crime drama film directed by Edward Yang, a director associated with the "New Taiwanese Cinema." At nearly four hours length and with a cast including more than one hundred amateur actors, the film was an unusually large project. The English title is derived from the lyrics of Elvis Presley's "Are You Lonesome Tonight?". The film was selected as the Taiwanese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 64th Academy Awards but was not nominated.


In Taipei, a student in junior high, Xiao Si'r, fails a class and is forced to attend night school. This upsets his father, a career government worker, who is aware of the delinquency rampant among night school students and worries that it will affect Si'r. The next morning, Si'r and his father listen to a radio broadcast listing students accepted into various schools in Taipei.