Humf is a British animated children's television program featuring a "furry thing" called Humf. The show centres on the title character and his daily life with his friends and family. The show, each episode of which is about 7 minutes long, is produced by King Rollo Films and Rubber Duck. It is narrated by Caroline Quentin and it is broadcast on Nick Jr. and Nick Jr. 2 in the UK and Ireland, ABC in Australia, RTÉ in Ireland, TVB in Hong Kong, Knowledge Network and BBC Kids in Canada, Okto in Singapore, Four in New Zealand and CBeebies in some international countries.


In general, plots are centred on Humf and his exploration of the world. An example would be when Humf and his friends go to the park and see litter on the floor. They discuss it and then start to pick it up and put it in the bin with increasing vigour. Humf's mum interrupts when he goes to pick up a banana skin and explains that to be safe they should not attempt to pick up all litter as some is yucky.


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