Blind Man's Eyes

Blind Man's Eyes

Blind Man's Eyes is a 1919 American silent drama film directed by John Ince and starring Bert Lytell, Frank Currier, and Naomi Childers, based on the 1916 novel The Blind Man's Eyes by Edwin Balmer and William MacHarg. It was released on March 10, 1919.


Hugh Overton has been falsely convicted of the murder of Matthew Latrone and sent to prison. In order to clear his name, he escapes and heads back to the scene of the crime, traveling under the name of Philip Eaton. While on the train he runs into Basil Santoine, a blind attorney who he knows has the evidence to prove his innocence. Latrone has also learned of Overton's trip and has sent his henchman, Donald Avery, to dispose of Eaton. Unfortunately, Avery mistakes Santoine for Eaton and attempts to kill him, but simply leaves him unconscious.

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    director John Ince
    genre drama
    keywords blind man break in even kill travel
    producer Maxwell Karger
    productionCompany Metro Pictures