Unfinished (formerly known as In the Line of Fire and Departure, ) is a 2018 South Korean drama thriller film directed by Noh Kyu-yeob. The film stars Lee Beom-soo, Yeon Woo-jin, Park Joo-mi and Lee Jong-hyuk. The film was released on November 14, 2018. It is based on the true story of Oh Kil-nam.


Set in Berlin in 1986, the story revolves around Oh Young-Min, who has become a wanted man due to a run-in with a North Korean spy. The spy convinces him to move to North Korea under the pretext of safety for himself and his family. As the story unfolds, he realizes that this was a bad decision and flees to West Germany where he is separated from his family. To make things worse, he is under surveillance by various countries, all wanting to exploit him for different purposes.


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    director Noh Kyu-yeob
    genre drama thriller
    keywords berlin korean spy north korea wanted man west germany
    productionCompany D.seed
    theme south korean