According to Hoyle

According to Hoyle is a lost 1922 American silent adventure film directed by W.S. Van Dyke and starring David Butler, Helen Ferguson, and Philip Ford.


As described in a film magazine, 'Boxcar' Simmons (D. Butler) is tramping the railroad ties to nowhere when from a car window blows a set of rules telling how to be a success for life. The idea rather appeals to Simmons so he sets out to live by them, changing his hobo garb for better clothes for, as the rules state, "God helps those who help themselves." Simmons is mistaken for a millionaire mining man. Dude Miller (F. Butler) and Jim Riggs (Todd) set out to sell him a rock-studded farm. Simmons discovers that Doris Mead (Ferguson) and her brother Jim (Ford) were previously swindled by the two slickers. He "salts" the ranch and the slickers pay out a large sum to buy his option, thinking it to be a rich silver ore deposit. Simmons turns this money over to Doris and her brother. The slickers, finding that they have been tricked, crack the hotel safe and steal Simmons' wallet and its rules for success. Once safely away they open the wallet and find and read the last rule: "Once you get a good start -- keep going!"

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    director W. S. Van Dyke
    genre adventure
    keywords film magazine hobo how to id mine salt think
    producer David Butler
    productionCompany David Butler Productions
    publisher Western Pictures
    theme trick