Kaadhal Mannan

Kaadhal Mannan

Kaadhal Mannan is a 1998 Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film directed by Saran, which features Ajith Kumar and Maanu in the lead roles. The film also saw music composer M. S. Viswanathan make his debut in a supporting role, whilst Vivek, Karan and Girish Karnad also played other roles. The film was released in March 1998 to positive reviews.


Rudran, a strict disciplinarian and father of two daughters, hates the word 'Love'. The very mention of this word makes him punish himself to extreme heights. He has disowned his elder daughter Menaka because she eloped with her lover. The strictness is doubled for the younger daughter Thilottama, and a marriage alliance is fixed for her. She stoically accepts her father's decision until she meets Shiva, a local mechanic. Shiva lives with his friend Oyya in a mansion owned by Mess Viswanthan. Shiva is always ready to accept dares. When Menaka dares him to go to Chennai to deliver a letter to Thilothama, Shiva ends up falling in love with Thilothama, but she is unable to reveal her love to Shiva and her father, as she fears the consequences. The film revoles around whether the lovers are able to declare their love for each other, and if Rudran accepts it.

    More details

    director Saran
    genre drama
    keywords disown falling in love
    musicBy Bharathwaj
    producer V. Sudhir Kumar
    productionCompany Venkateswaralayam
    theme romantic drama