Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi

Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi ( ; lit Not Even a Shadow of a Wall) was a Pakistani drama serial that began to air on Hum TV on 10 August 2016 succeeding Dil-e-Beqarar. It is directed by Shehzad Kashmiri and written by Qaisara Hayat based on her novel of same name. It stars Ahsan Khan and Naveen Waqar in main roles.


The story is about a girl named Shehla (Naveen Waqar) as the female protagonist, who was adopted as an infant by Syed Shahab Shah (Syed Jamal Shah). Since her father was a Syed he was chief of his tribe and a much honorable man. Shehla was brought up and pampered a lot in his mansion. Shehla grew older and was unknown to fact that she was adopted. She fell in love with Haider (Ahsan Khan), her cousin and Shahab's nephew and both wanted to marry each other. But according to Syed family law a Syed man must marry a Syed woman and since Shehla was adopted, she was not a Syed girl. Shehla got to know about herself and felt so hurt and started doubting her own identity. She became depressed at the fact that her family is not her own one. Shahab marries Shehla with one of his friend Mairaj Malik (Irfan Khoosat)'s son, Malik Mansoor (Emmad Irfani). Heartbroken at this, Haider marries Tahira (his cousin). Mansoor and his father were corrupt politicians and Mansoor was a psychopath. After he discovered the news about Shehla and Haider, his character turns out to be brutal towards Shehla, by beating her daily to bloodshed. Mansoor was in love with his mistress Shiza (Ghana Ali). Shehla got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter and she named her Shafaq. When Shafaq was born, Mansoor also won the local elections and became a minister, leading him to believe that Shafaq is a lucky women for him. Later on, Mansoor turns out to be a good father but a worst husband. Haider and his wife also had a daughter but his wife Tahira (Sharmeen Ali) died after childbirth. Before she dies for the sake of Haider's happiness, she requests for her daughter to be named Shehla. After ten years Shehla was shown as a mother of three children, while Mansoor was the same who used to abuse his wife. Shela escapes the marriage from Mansoor, leaving her three children:Shafaq (Noor Zafar Khan), Afaaq (Bilal Abbas), Falaq with Mansoor and his parents, of which the youngest daughter Falaq dies whilst left in the care of her siblings, who accidentally overdose her on medication whilst trying to treat her fever.