Spooner's Patch

Spooners Patch is a British television sitcom, written by Ray Galton (best known for his writing collaborations with Alan Simpson, including Steptoe and Son) and Johnny Speight (best known for Till Death Us Do Part). It ran for 3 series and 19 episodes and was made and broadcast from 1979 to 1982 on the ITV network, by ATV.


It is set in a police station in the fictional London suburb of Woodley. The title character of Spooner (Ronald Fraser, then Donald Churchill) is the inspector in charge who is engaged in various corrupt ventures and lives above the station. The other main characters are the officers who work under him, including a detective played by Peter Cleall who thinks he is from Starsky & Hutch and drives around in a Ford Anglia in the same red and white colour scheme as their Ford Torino. Patricia Hayes appeared in the second two series as a traffic warden.