Sleeping with the Devil

Sleeping with the Devil is a 1997 American television film directed by William A. Graham. The film is based upon the novel of the same name by Suzanne Finstad.


Rebecca Dubrovich is a nurse, who was brutally raped years ago. Ever since, she has been skeptical about dating men, and instead focuses on her work and her training for the Santa Barbara triathlon. Her life and outlook on love changes when she meets and falls in love with billionaire Dick Strang, the owner of a large fitness chain. Rebecca opens up to Dick about her past, admitting that she was a rebellious girl for a while and got caught up in drugs. Dick helps her leave the past behind, while getting involved in a romantic relationship with her. Not long after their first meeting, Dick asks her to give up med school and move to Houston for him. Rebecca finishes up her semester and heads out to Houston, where she is talked into becoming the image of Dick's fitness company.