6'.2" (English: 6 foot, 2inches) is a 2005 Indian Tamil comedy crime thriller film directed by V. Senthil Kumar. The film starred Sathyaraj and newcomer Sunitha Varma, along with Vadivelu in the lead roles, whilst music for the film was composed by D. Imaan. The film was released on 12 May 2005, and was later released in Telugu with a dubbed version.


James (Sathyaraj) and Mr. White (Vadivelu) work in a call centre in Chennai. James witnesses the murder of Krishnamurthy (Ajay Rathnam), a labor union leader. He promises the police to identify the murderer. In order to crack the case, a police inspector Soundarapandian (Raj Kapoor) urges the lady informer Aishwarya (Sunitha Varma) to act as James's wife and stay in a house opposite to Krishnamurthy's. Upon coming to the house, the couple tries to crack the case. In this regard, they befriend the family, but soon, Krishnamurthy's father is also murdered. Towards the interval, one comes to know that the actual murderer is James. In order to avenge the murder of his parents by Krishnamurthy and his brother Ramamurthy (Raveendran) a few years ago, James stays in the house opposite to theirs. With knowledge of his motive, Aishwarya promises to help him in bumping off Ramamurthy, who returns from Australia.