Thalaimagan (Leader's Son) is a 2006 Indian Tamil-language action film starring Sarath Kumar, Nayanthara, Vadivelu and Vijayakumar. This film marked Sarath Kumar's directorial debut. The film received mixed to negative criticism.


The story is set around the bulwark of honest and public good institution of everest. A journalistic anachronism at a time when media houses have become mouthpieces for corporate houses. It is helmed by the fearless Ayya (Vijayakumar). It has among its ranks an intrepid scribe Dheeran (Sarath Kumar). He is no journeyman journalist. He is writer as well as a doer. When the power of the pen looks like slackening, he uses the hands that push the pen, so to say. And then there is harried colleague Erimalai (Vadivelu), who is often just a step away from trouble. Meghala (Nayanthara) is an enterprising intern who drives Dheeran to distraction.