Ezhandha Kaadhal

Ezhandha Kadhal is a 1941 Indian Tamil-language film directed by K. S. Mani. The film stars N. S. Krishnan, T. A. Mathuram, T. Premavathi and K. P. Kamakshi.


A rich man on his death bed gave 5000 rupees to his trusted friend and asked him to take care of his motherless daughter Padma and to marry her to Jagadish when she comes to the right age. The friend, Somanathan Pillai undertakes his friend's request. Padma comes to live with Somanathan Pillai's family. Jayapalan, a son of Somanathan Pillai, likes Padma. They become lovers. However, Somanathan Pillai forcibly marries Padma to Jagdish as per his dead friend's wish. He also finds another bride, Saroja, for Jayapalan. But then both Jayapalan and Padma are not happy in their respective married lives. Jayapalan becomes a drunkard and loses eyesight on a stormy night. A sacred sadhu enters the scene. How he solves all the problems forms the rest of the story.

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    director Ko. Si. Mani
    editor Surya
    genre drama
    keywords dead friend married rich man sacred stormy night
    musicBy K. M. Gowrisan N. S. Balakrishnan
    producer N. S. Krishnan
    productionCompany Asoka Films