Hard Rock Zombies

Hard Rock Zombies

Hard Rock Zombies is a 1985 American comedy horror film directed and co-written by Krishna Shah, and starring E.J. Curse, Geno Andrews, Sam Mann, Mick McMains, Lisa Toothman, Jennifer Coe, Ted Wells, and Jack Bliesener. The film was released by Cannon Film Distributors on September 1985.


A heavy-metal band must do a performance to impress a record company scout. They do a concert in a town that outlaws rock and roll music. The town counsel is influenced by a murderous Nazi cult. The band is slain by the cult, but later returned to life as zombies by a song recording that the bass player wrote using medieval spell book lyrics. Fresh out of the grave, the band thirsts to take their revenge and give a new music performance. The mysterious song causes an outbreak of zombie ghouls.

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    director Krishna Shah
    editor Amit Bose
    genre comedy horror
    keywords record record company
    musicBy Paul Sabu
    producer Sigurjón Sighvatsson Steve Golin
    productionCompany Patel/Shah Film Company
    publisher Cannon Films
    theme comedy horror zombie zombie comedy