Anpadh (Hindi: अन्पढ, Urdu: اَنپڑھ, translation: illiterate) is a 1962 Hindi film. The film stars Dharmendra, Mala Sinha, Shashi Kala and Balraj Sahni. The music is by Madan Mohan and the lyrics by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan. The film focuses on the importance of education for girls. This movie also has hit songs such as the evergreen song "Aap Ki Nazron Nay Samjha", sung by Lata Mangeshkar.


The story revolves around the lives of brother and sister Shambhunath and Lajwanti. Shambhunath considers the accumulation of wealth to be more important than education. He condones his sister's inattention at school and consequently she grows up "anpadh" (illiterate). When she finds herself married to a bibliophile, her problems begin. Unable to read the poetry her husband loves and being a rotten cook too, she becomes despised by her husband and her in-laws. Circumstances conspire to leave her homeless, widowed and pregnant. Narrowly escaping from the attentions of a panderer, she falls amongst friends and, with the birth of her daughter, she starts on the long road to redemption. An entertaining plea for education in general and for the education of girls in particular.

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    director Mohan Kumar
    editor Pratap Dave
    genre drama
    keywords entertain married widow
    musicBy Madan Mohan
    producer Mohan Segal Rajendra Bhatia