Swargakkunnile Kuriakose

Swargakkunnile Kuriakose

Swargakkunnile Kuriakose is an Indian Malayalam-language psycho suspense thriller film directed by Emmanuvel N. K. and starring Rajeesh Puttad in the title role. The film is produced by Cyrill Skaria Pailithanam under the banner of Friday Reel Movies, written by Ramabhadran Thamburan and Emmanuvel N. K. The film also stars Sindhya Viswanath, Jaya Babu, Venkurinji Gopinath, Jo Garner, Suresh Babu and Biju Madhavan. The film background score and soundtrack were composed by Linu Keezhillam and Vishnu Siva, Shiju S. Vismaya and Bineesh Puthuppanam penned all the lyrics while art direction was handled by Sachin K. Santhosh and edited by Jobin Inchappara. it is a 110-minute commercial movie.


Kuriakose was born in the village of Swargakunnu. His parents are farmers, and he doesn’t have any siblings. Being a single son, his parents brought him up with utmost care and love. but he grew up as a coward, afraid of the dark and death. Even after passing age 30, Kuriakose remains lazy, refusing to go to work or leave his home. He was shocked to hear of the death of his friend and former classmate, Biju. This constant fear causes him to believe that his cholesterol and BP is high, so he makes a juice out of chili peppers as advised in Social media and health magazines to lower them. However, this juice causes him to have severe pain. His parents and neighbours try to take him to the hospital, but Kuriakose refuses to go because of his fear. The constant fear, shame and pressure from his family forces him to leave home, mentally unstable. On his way to the junction, Kuriakose sees the poster of missing motivator and singer, Chandra Das, causing him more fear.