Juro Que Te Amo

Juro Que Te Amo

Juro Que Te Amo (English title: Oath Of Love) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Mapat L. de Zatarain for Televisa in 2008. It's a remake of Mexican telenovela 1993 Los Parientes Pobres. Telenovela is a domestic drama about a wealthy family who loses everything and finds that they were only liked for their money.


Violeta Madrigal is a beautiful girl who lives in a village with her parents, Amado and Antonia, and her brothers Julio and Daniel, and sister Lia. The family was the richest in town, but after losing their fortune they realized the hypocrisy of people who previously seemed to love and respect them. Justino Fregoso is the most powerful of the Madrigal family's former friends, who made his fortune through shady deals that ended the stability of the Copper Company, owned by the family Madrigal. This new situation benefits his wife Malena Fregoso, who enjoys their new rich position, and their daughter Mariela, who takes every opportunity to humiliate Violeta.

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    contentLocation Santa Clara del Cobre
    genre drama
    keywords beautiful girl lose
    publisher Televisa