Mita y mita

Mita y mita

Mita y mita is a Mexican sitcom that premiered on Las Estrellas on August 30, 2017 and ended on November 29, 2017. The series is produced by Pitipol Ibarra for Televisa, based on the series Easy Money written by Shmulik Levy. It stars Martín Altomaro, Magali Boysselle, Damayanti Quintanar, and Dino García.


Néstor is maintained by his wife Olivia, she is fed up with the situation and asks for a divorce, but just when he is about to stay on the street, he receives a stroke of luck that changes his destiny. Néstor wins the lottery, 200 million pesos, which by law he will have to share with his wife Olivia, but he will not be willing to share his money with the woman he loathes with all his soul. For Néstor, the solution will be to reconquer his wife and thus avoid the divorce that will force him to share his fortune. To achieve that goal, he'll need the help of his close friends Silvio and Mariana.


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    keywords law firm
    publisher Las Estrellas Televisa