Krishna Arjun

Krishna Arjun

Krishna Arjun is a 1997 Indian Hindi-language action film, produced & directed by Shailendra Shukla under the Prerna Films International banner. It stars Jeetendra, Vivek Mushran, Karina Grover, Upasna Singh in the lead roles and music composed by Arup-Pranay.


Ramnath, a freedom fighter had died for the country, and his wife Sharda Yadav lives a poor but very respectable lifestyle with her two sons, Krishna and Arjun, in a small rural town in India. Years pass by, Krishna and Arjun have both grown up. Krishna and his mom would like to send Arjun to Bombay to study and become a professional. Accordingly, Arjun travels to Bombay, where he resides in a hostel, meets a beautiful collegian named Poonam, and both fall in love with each other. Then Arjun gets devastating news of the passing away of his mother. He travels home and finds that nothing is the same anymore, for Krishna has been arrested, found guilty of brutally raping and then killing a young school-teacher widow by the name of Meera, and unable to bear this shock of this disgrace, his mother has died. Arjun must now meet with Krishna and find out what had happened after he left town, and whether there is any truth to Krishna's crime.


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    director Shailendra Shukla
    editor M.I. Shaikh
    genre action
    keywords arrest freedom fighter kill nothing pass
    musicBy Arup-Pranay
    producer Shailendra Shukla
    productionCompany Prerna Films International